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30 plastic sand toys
  • $84.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
4 stackable sand and water trays
  • $139.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Sand & water table on wheels
  • $649.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: Back Order
Set of 27 water toys
  • $79.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock


CATSPORTS offers a selection of recreational equipment to organize water games in parks, in the schoolyard, on the beach or for sandboxes. These tools are specially designed for children’s small hands. 

The range of CATSPORTS early childhood water games includes:

  • Multicoloured beach balls;
  • Plastic sand toys;
  • Water and sand play tray;
  • Water toys.

CATSPORTS offers a wide variety of water and sand games—at the best prices—so that toddlers can have fun with suitable and sturdy equipment.