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6 Vinyl Exercice mat
  • $209.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
Crash mat
Crash mat cover
Exercise mat
FLEXIROLL rollable runway
  • $1,799.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
FLEXIROLL rollable runway
  • $1,949.95 /Unité
  • Unité
Foam cylinder
Foam fitness mat
  • $27.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
Foldable inclined mat
  • $459.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
Marafoam foldable mat
Non-folding foam mat
  • $189.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
Octogonal mat
Rollable mini-runway
  • $499.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock
Single fold crash mat
Yoga mat
  • $17.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • Availability: In stock


For training, yoga, jumping, gymnastics, and cheerleading, CATSPORTS offers a wide selection of matts and accessories. CATSPORTS has selected the JEFFIX brand for the quality of its mats and training mats. 

CATSPORTS mats and accessories include:

  • High density foam cylinder;
  • Foldable high-density foam landing mats;
  • Jump mats;
  • Replacement crash mat covers;
  • Foldable inclined mat;
  • Wedge-shaped mats for sliding or rolling;
  • Non-folding high-density foam mat;
  • Foldable high-density foam or regular foam mats;
  • Doughnut and halve shape mats;
  • Durable and versatile high-density foam exercise mats;
  • FLEXIROLL rollable runway track;
  • Velcro roll for FLEXIROLLL;
  • Exercise mat made of hypoallergenic foam;
  • Yoga mat with non-skid thermal plastic elastomer surface;
  • Durable foam jouster.

To offer everyone the opportunity to train with good quality, safe equipment, CATSPORTS offers mats and accessories at the best prices.