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Official tchoukball frame
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Mini-handball is a simplified version of handball, adapted for elementary school children, to introduce them to the basics of group play, ball handling and shooting. It’s a fun and complete sports activity that will allow young children to develop cooperation.

CATSPORTS distributes mini-handball equipment that can be used for mini-tchoukball and vice versa—the balls being similar in size and both sports using siimilar materials.

CATSPORTS distributes TRIAL, JEFFIX and SELECTSPORTS handball and tchoukball brands.

Tchoukballs/handballs are available in size

  • #0 – junior, for primary
  • #1 – intermediate, recommended from 4th year elementary to secondary
  • #2 – official size, for games and competition
  • We recommend size #0 and #1 for mini-handball

For beginners, choose instead handballs/ tchoukballs made of inflatable foam or covered high-density foam, easy to catch and with low impact. 

Included in our range of mini-handball equipment you’ll find:

  • Handballs/ tchoukballs made of inflatable foam;
  • Tchoukball balls, Diamond-Tech™ exclusive technology, official coating of the Canadian Tchoukball Association;
  • Official tchoukball frames from Canadian and American associations.

For a fun learning experience starting from elementary school, CATSPORTS distributes safe, soft, and easy-to-handle mini-handball equipment—at the best prices.