Volleyball is one of the most popular and played team sports in the world. It’s distinguished by its two variations: indoor and beach volleyball.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or beach volleyball sports equipment, volleyball balls, volleyball nets and posts and volleyball equipment adapted to the surface where the training and games take place, CATSPORTS will meet your needs.

For indoor and beach volleyball items at the recreational and competitive level perfectly adapted to the institutional and municipal market, CATSPORTS offers volleyball equipment that will follow the evolution of your players' ability. CATSPORTS supplies the brands BADEN, BISON SPORTS, JEFFIX, MIKASA, OMNIKIN, OVERKILL, PORTER, SPIETH ANDERSON, TRIAL, WILSON and other Canadian brands, symbols of quality and performance. 

Our range of indoor and beach volleyball products includes:

  • Mini-volleyballs;
  • Beach volleyballs;
  • Recreational and competitive indoor volleyballs;
  • Mini-volleyball posts;
  • Mini-volleyball nets and indoor recreational or competitive volleyball nets;
  • Lightweight, portable beach volleyball posts and nets;
  • Indoor and beach volleyball accessories.

For a high-performance volleyball team ready to dominate the game, at CATSPORTS you’ll find volleyball equipment to keep players safe. Have them practice and play this season, and for the coming seasons, with top-notch volleyball equipment.