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Moulinet de rechange en acier
  • $54.95 /Unité
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Portable Tennis / Pickleball Net and Poles Set, 10'
  • $89.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Portable Tennis / Volleyball Net and Poles Set, 18'
  • $139.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Tennis net center strap
  • $19.95 /Unité
  • Unité
  • $419.95 /Unité
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Tennis net, twisted, 2.5mm, 42'
  • $249.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Tennis round poles with anchors
  • $799.95 /Unité
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Tennis square poles with anchors
  • $599.95 /Unité
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CATSPORTS distributes tennis posts and nets, from beginner to pro skill level, for both indoors and outdoors. For your training or competitions, whatever the level of play, or the age of your players, CATSPORTS has selected durable and customized tennis posts and nets for the easy set up of fields or courts for your athletes.

The range of CATSPORTS tennis posts and nets includes:
  • Portable soccer net and posts/tennis poles;
  • Central straps;
  • Tennis posts in galvanized steel;
  • Play, match or tournament tennis nets.
CATSPORTS offers a wide range of tennis nets and posts tailored to use in schools and institutions, to allow for playing tennis at their facilities, both outdoors and indoors, and at the best prices.