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2 tennis / badminton replacement grips
  • $4.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Mini-tennis set of 72 items
  • $749.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Moulinet de rechange en acier
  • $54.95 /Unité
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Tennis ball basket
  • $44.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock


CATSPORTS distributes tennis accessories that are especially suited to schools and clubs. The mini-tennis set will provide you with everything you need to start, and our storage and maintenance accessories will extend the life of your tennis equipment.

The CATSPORTS range of tennis accessories includes:
  • Tennis ball baskets;
  • Tennis/badminton replacement grips;
  • Mini-tennis packages;
  • Mobile tennis racquet carrier;
  • Tennis court line sets.
CATSPORTS offers quality tennis accessories at the best prices, delivered quickly to enable the practice of tennis in schools and institutions.