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6 oversized plastic bats
  • $49.95 /Unité
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Foam baseball bat and ball
JR baseball bat
Polyethylene baseball bats, set of 6
  • $44.95 /Unité
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Softball bat
SuperSafe baseball bat, 28"
  • $32.95 /Unité
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In baseball and softball, the batter's reaction time at bat is limited. The game evolves quickly with no room for error. A powerful and lightweight bat will optimize the ball's striking speed. Equipping yourself with baseball or softball bats that are strong, lightweight and well balanced is a guarantee of long strikes!

At CATSPORTS, we offer the baseball bat and softball brands DOM, RAWLINGS and WORTH, which are time-tested for reliability and durability.

We know that your players are initiated at a young age. You’ll find, among our inventory, baseball and softball bats adapted to small children. To meet their needs, we offer baseball and softball bats made of foam, plastic, and others made of a durable exterior and a safe foam core. 

For more experienced players, you’ll find baseball and softball bats made of high-quality alloy. 

Here’s a guide to our baseball and softball bat sizes available in durable alloy:

CATSPORTS has the baseball and softball/softball bat you need according to your budget and the age of your batters; just select the one you want and place your order!