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12 sticks and 6 rings YOU.FO Fun
  • $774.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
12 YOU.FO sticks and 6 YOU.FO rings
  • $1,249.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
2 sticks and 1 ring YOU.FO Fun
  • $114.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: Back Order
  • $40.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
YOU.FO Stick
  • $81.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock


YOU.FO® is a brand new sports game combining elements of lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. The game consists of throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with a stick over a distance of 10 to 30 m. What makes this game popular and enjoyed by everyone is that you can play it in many different ways depending on the number of players and age level. You can also play the game in parks, sports fields, beaches, and more. YOU.FO® requires concentration, coordination, strength, agility and teamwork, and is accessible from ages 10 years old and up.

The range of CATSPORTS articles for YOU.FO® includes:

  • YOU.FO® sets;
  • YOU.FO® rings;
  • Official YOU.FO®.

CATSPORTS distributes YOU.FO® equipment, creator of the game, at the best prices so that you can discover and enjoy this new versatile and easy-to-play game.