The objective of football, a very popular team sport, is to score points by passing the ball behind the opponent's goal line for a maximum of three tries. Football is an intensive sport that requires speed, strength, agility, and discipline.

A variation of football without contact is flag football. In flag football, defenders must grab one of the flags attached to the opponents' belts to stop the game, instead of making a tackle. Flag football is easily played outdoors and the number of players can vary.

CATSPORTS offers a wide range of football products designed for training, competition or beginner in schools. The products selected by CATSPORTS for their quality and resistance will allow safe practice for your teams. For football, CATSPORTS distributes the JEFFIX, MIKASA and WILSON brands.

Our range of football and flag football products includes:

  • Football accessories; 
  • Football field accessories;
  • Football flag;
  • Footballs.

CATSPORTS offers products that will suit football players of all ages, allowing them to train and together, move mountains!