With the selection of CATSPORT balls, you’ll find everything you need to organize indoor or outdoor activities for athletes of all ages.

CATSPORTS distributes the ball specialists brands JEFFIX, MIKASA, OMNIKINTRIAL, RAWLING and VOLLEY.

For safe and proper use, it’s important to choose the right ball size for the age range of your student groups. Typically, playground ball sizes can be segmented into four distinct categories: preschool to grade 2, grade 3 and 4, grade 5 and 6 and adolescents and adults.

Age category

Ball sizes

Preschool / Kindergarten to 2nd year primary

4", 5" and 6"

3rd to 4th primary year

6" and 7"

5th to 6th grade primary

7" and 8.5"

Teenagers & Adults


The range of CATSPORTS balls includes:

  • Playground balls;
  • Foam balls;
  • Sensory stimulating balls;
  • Giant balls.

CATSPORTS offers a very wide range of balls, for all ages and types of sports, at the best prices.