CATSPORTS offers a very large selection of balls and balls adapted for the youngest, for you to set up a wide variety of games.

CATSPORTS distributes the ball specialists brands JEFFIX, MIKASA, OMNIKINTRIAL, RAWLING and VOLLEY.

The range of CATSPORTS playground balls and balls

For safe and proper use, it’s important to choose the right ball size for the age range of your student groups. Typically, playground ball sizes can be segmented into four distinct categories: preschool to grade 2, grade 3-4, grade 5-6 and adolescents and adults.

Age category

Ball sizes

Preschool / Kindergarten to 2nd year primary

4, 5 and 6 inches

3rd to 4th primary year

6 or 7 inches

5th to 6th grade primary

7 or 8.5 inches

Teenagers & Adults

8.5 inches

The range of CATSPORTS balls and playground balls includes:

  • Playground balls: Rubber balls are preferred for playgrounds. Note that playground balls are available in different sizes and colours. Here are the different game balls proposed by CATSPORTS:
    • Dodge balls;
    • Kickballs;
    • Balls specifically for playgrounds;
    • Tetherballs;
    • Playground ball sets: ideal as a starter kit for daycare or physical education classes;
    • Physical education starter kit including 79 items;
    • "Super 100" value daycare kit including 100 items;
    • DIAMOND TECH™ playground balls;
    • DIMPLE TECH™ game balls;
    • Inflatable playground ball sets;;
  • Foam balls, recommended for beginners; the selection of CATSPORTS foam balls and playground balls covers many sports, and includes foam balls of different sizes, colours and brands: softballs, high-density foam tennis balls, basketballs, dodge balls, handballs, soccer, football, game balls... There are models with low bounce, limited bounce or high bounce. Balls made of uncoated foam, polyurethane-covered foam or high-density foam. Foam balls are sold individually and some models are sold in sets;
  • Sensory stimulating balls, stimulating hearing and dexterity, to facilitate learning, are usable for a multitude of games:
    • Foam balls with bell, stimulates the hearing sense, ultra soft. 7" – 18 cm;
    • Volley® balls with off-axis centre of gravity, which gives it a random trajectory with each bounce. 3.5" – 9 cm;
    • Dino egg rubber balls. Can be used as a reaction ball for younger children; rolling and irregular rebound. 6" X 8" – 15 cm x 20 cm;
    • Softex inflatable playground balls. Very thick and durable vinyl. Can be used for a wide variety of games. Very thick and ultra durable vinyl, but flexible enough not to pinch. Sold by the unit. Available in different sizes and colours: 3" – 7.6 cm, choice of colours: white or orange, 4" – 10.2 cm, yellow, 6" – 15.2 cm, yellow, 8" – 20.3 cm, yellow;
    • Softex ball sets. Available in 2 sizes: 3" – 7.6 cm or 8" – 20.3 cm;
    • Sets of 6 Easy Grip textured soft vinyl inflated balls have a triangular texture that provides superior grip. Assorted colours. Phthalate–free. Available in 2 sizes: 3.5" – 9 cm or 8" – 20.3 cm;
    • Bouncing rubber and foam balls. A timeless classic! Controlled bounce. 2.5" – 6.3 cm or 3" – 7.6 cm;
    • Neoprene acrobatic ball suitable for Sepak takraw, 4" – 10,2 cm.
  • Giant balls:   
    • Sets of 3 light and durable OMNIKIN® Poison balls, perfect for leading a class;
    • Blue KINBALL® outdoor balls, 100% nylon "high tenacity" cover, sold with 2 balls;
    • Official KINBALL® balls available in 3 colours;
    • OMNIKIN® transparent balls, 33'' (84 cm) ideal for the beach, pool or gym or to play giant volleyball;
    • OMNIKIN® soccer and volleyballs are oversized, soft, lightweight and ultra strong, recommended for beginner;
    • Official FASSEN BALL 17'' (43 cm) balls, with the weights and dimensions recommended for FASSENBALL;
    • OMNIKIN® AIR balls, particularly suitable for games that require rebounds, 100% nylon "high tenacity" cover available in sizes 18'' – 46 cm and 24'' – 62 cm;
    • OMNIKIN® MULTICOLOR balls are recommended for developing individual skills and playing non-traditional, lightweight and easy-to-handle games, perfect for fostering creativity;
    • OMNIKIN® SIX balls, lightweight and durable balls recommended for schools, available in six different colours;
    • OMNIKIN® SUPER oversized, soft and ultra-light balls, "high tenacity" cover, recommended for non-contact game strategies, available in 8 colours;
    • OMNIKIN® ULTRA balls with 100% nylon-resistant cover, ideal for group or outdoor activities. Roll, pass and move them easily among players, these balls offer many possibilities for team playing and are available in 5 sizes between 24'' – 61 cm and 72'' – 183 cm;
    • Anti-shattering, textured, splinter-free vinyl exercise balls for increased durability and support up to 200 lbs – 90 kg, available in 4 sizes: 18'' – 45.7 cm, 22'' – 56 cm, 26'' – 66 cm, 30'' – 76 cm.

The selection of CATSPORTS balls will allow schools, daycare centres and childcare facilities to set up a large number of games at the best prices.