Scrimmage Vests & Pinnies

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Nylon pinnie, red
Nylon pinnie, yellow
Nylon pinnie, blue
Nylon pinnie, green
Referee nylon pinnie
Velcro identification belt, yellow
  • $4.95 /Unit
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Velcro identification belt, green
  • $4.95 /Unit
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Velcro identification belt, red
  • $4.95 /Unit
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  • Availability: In stock


CATSPORTS distributes vests and pinnies. CATSPORTS distributes the OMNIKIN® and JEFFIX brands, known for the durability and practicality of their equipment. 

The range of CATSPORTS vests and pinnies includes:

  • KINBALL® pinnies;
  • OMNIKIN® nylon pinnies;
  • Pinnies for toddlers;
  • Yellow pinnies with reflective stripes;
  • Nylon pinnies with elastic band on one side and Velcro on the other;
  • Mesh pinnies numbered from 1 to 15;
  • Mesh pinnies;
  • Reversible nylon vests;
  • Nylon referee pinnie;
  • Velcro identification belts;
  • Storage rings for vests.

CATSPORTS offers you a very wide selection of vests and pinnies, at the best prices to suit all teams.