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G5 Speed Pro Timer
  • $46.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
JumboStacks set
  • $439.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
12 mini Speed Stacks
  • $16.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
G5 StackMat Pro
  • $24.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Speed Stacking set
  • $994.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Speed Stacking set for teaching
  • $1,259.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: Back Order


Speed Stack® is an activity that consists of stacking cups designed specifically for this sport and doing different tricks with the cups as quickly as possible. This activity develops dexterity, hand-eye coordination and is very popular among young people because it’s easy to learn.

CATSPORTS distributes products of the SPEED STACK® brand, the official brand of the game’s founders. CATSPORTS offers durable and hard-wearing Speed Stack® equipment. 

The Speed Stack® CATSPORTS range includes:
  • Sets of 12 Speed Stacks®;
  • Set of 12 mini Speed Stacks®;
  • Speed Stacking sets;
  • Sets of 36 JumboStacks®;
  • Matts for Speed Stack®;
  • Speed stacking official timer.
CATSPORTS offers everything necessary to develop the practice of Speed Stack® in schools and day camps, and at the best prices.