Broomball is a team sport that is played on ice with special shoes instead of skates. Teams are comprised of 6 players, and the goal of the game is to score more goals than the opponent by putting the ball in the net with a stick. This sport develops coordination, balance and agility.

CATSPORTS offers excellent quality broomball products and practical broomball sets for safe, fun games.

CATSPORTS distributes D-GEL, DOM and GYM-FLEX™ brands, renowned for product durability.

CATSPORTS Broomball Items

The range of CATSPORTS broomball products includes:

  • Broomball brooms and balls: official outdoor and indoor broomballs; flat or round aluminum broomball sticks, adult and junior sizes; sets of 10 broomball sticks, varying in size from 26'' – 66 cm to 42'' – 106.7 cm; sets of 12 indoor broomball sticks, 36'' – 91.4 cm, or 12 mini broomball sticks, 11'' – 27.9 cm;
  • Protective broomball equipment and accessories: broomball goals and nets; pairs of broomball gloves, available in different sizes from 8'' – 20.3 cm to 14'' – 35.6 cm; broomball pants from small to extra large; broomball full traction shoes with integrated cell soles for indoors, sizes 5 to 14; outdoor broomball shoes with superior traction, recommended for snow-coated ice, sizes 5 to 14.
CATSPORTS distributes high-performance and sturdy broomball products for players of all ages, with fast delivery.