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Baseball and Softball glove, 14" (35,6 cm)
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Baseball glove, Junior
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First base glove, left hand
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To be ready to play like pros next season, equip your players with baseball and softball gloves at the best value for money. 

Count on the durability of RAWLINGS  and Going One brands baseball and softball gloves. These combine both the stylish look, lightweight TPU or soft leather shell for shape retention and absolute comfort, as well as a practical Velcro  Brand closure system for younger players or all-leather lacing for competitive level baseball and softball players. High-quality gloves provide additional protection for the index finger.


For baseball and softball players:

  • Junior: 11" - 27 cm or 12" - 30 cm: Ideal for baseball and softball players in elementary and junior high school;
  • Senior: 13" - 33 cm or 14" - 36 cm: Ideal for high school and adult baseball and softball players;
  • First base gloves size 12.5" - 32 cm for competitive players;
  • Catcher’s gloves and mitt sizes 31.5" - 80 cm or 32.5" - 82.6 cm. 


Whether your players are right-handed or left-handed, select your gloves and start training!