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6 Gymnastic Ribbons
  • $27.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Gymnastic ribbon
  • $4.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: In stock
Rythmic club
  • $6.95 /Unité
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  • Availability: Back Order
Tubular hoop


CATSPORTS has selected durable rhythmic gymnastics equipment from beginner to expert. CATSPORTS distributes the JEFFIX brand, known for its durable equipment.

The range of CATSPORTS rhythmic gymnastics equipment includes:

  • Flat hoops;
  • Tubular hoops;
  • Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons;
  • Competition-standard rhythmic gymnastics balls.
CATSPORTS offers rhythmic gymnastics equipment for gymnasts of all ages to practice their passion at the best prices.