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Cube foam for Poull-Ball
  • $189.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Mini Poull-Ball set, inflatable cubes
  • $409.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Official Poull-Ball set, inflatable cubes
  • $1,299.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Poull-Ball, 22"
  • $50.75 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock


Poull-Ball is a fun sport that was invented by a physical education teacher to interest young people in team sports. It offers them an accessible sport based on cooperation and fair play. Poull-Ball is played indoors, as well as outdoors. Two mixed teams of 5 players compete and the goal is to knock down one of the two foam cubes using a large ball.

CATSPORTS offers Poull-Ball equipment for kids and adults, including kits for easy set-up in your daycare, school or day camp. 

The range of CATSPORT Poull-Ball equipment includes:
  • Mini Poull-Ball sets;
  • Official Poull-Ball set;
  • Poull-Ball balls;
  • Giant foam foam cubes for Poull-Ball.     

CATSPORTS offers Poull-Ball equipment that is easy-to-handle, durable, and at the best prices so you can easily set up this fun activity so enjoyed by young people.